Friday, 16 June 2017

3 Peg By Sharry Mann & Backbone By Hardy Sandhu Both In 100 Million Club On Youtube!

Finally the Punjabi songs have reach their true potential as the 3 Peg from Sharry Mann & Backbone from Hardy Sandhu both went in the 100 Million views club on Youtube. From the last few years Punjabi songs have really made it big on the biggest video platform website Youtube but this was unthinkable.

Hardy Sandhu's Backbone was the first ever Punjabi song which reached this gigantic number within the first 5 months of it's release.

Composed by the ace music composer in Punjabi music industry B Praak (aka Prateek) & written by the astoundingly creative lyrics writer Jaani, it was bound to become a massive track. These trio have also given an another perplexing track "Horn Blow" which is currently on 63 Million views.

The pair of Jaani & B Praak have given some extra ordinary song like Mann Bharya, Bacha, Car Nachdi & many more. They are just tremendous as a team.

Hardy Sandhu who is very excited & joyed, shared different ways of celebration on his Facebook account & kept thanking his fans.

3 Peg from Sharry Mann also reached this superficial total in just 5 months of it's release. Sharry is been the pioneer of Youtube hits as his first ever hit song "Yaar Anmulle" went on to become one of the best song ever made in Punjabi language.

Enjoy the video of 3 Peg.

Sharry Mann also showed his gratitude towards his fans for making this possible in a Facebook post.

It is just the beginning of hit songs in Punjabi music industry. They are giving a tough as well as healthy competition to Hindi movies songs. There is no Hindi pop song in this list but hopefully we will also see positive change in that industry as well.


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